I became a photographer because I love witnessing and documenting the power and emotion of a moment. A moment is different than any other measure of time—when a minute, or even an hour or a day— becomes much more important than all the other times before it, and changes all the other times after it.  A moment is sometimes powerfully ordinary. Above all else, a moment is uniquely yours.

I’m really excited to spend time with you discussing how we'll tell the story of your moments as we create lasting family heirlooms, because isn’t that really what a photograph is? Maybe it’s an engagement, or the special bond between lovers on any given Monday, or maybe it’s one of the most important and sacred days of your life as you wed your perfect match. I want to work with you to make sure the photos we take are exactly what you're looking for so that you cherish them in 30 years the same way you cherish them the day you first see them.

I appreciate you taking a minute to visit. I hope you'll take a moment to call.