it’s more than just a day…this is your wedding season

You already know your wedding day is going to be bananas. But there’s a whole heck of a lot of dopeness bookended between “Will you marry me?” and “I do”. All those moments plus the big day are what makes a kick-ass wedding. So, yeah, I’ll be in the mix photographing the girls out dress shopping and mimosa sipping. I’ll photograph your goofy togetherness as you're putting the finishing touches on the last of the wedding decor. I promise some of your favorite wedding moments are going to come from those seemingly mundane parts of wedding planning and prep. In fact, I’m 99.938% sure you’ll be telling just as many good stories about the months before your wedding as you will about the actual wedding day itself. All of those stories are the little chapters that make up your true love story—a story I’m excited to help you bring to life.

the lowdown on how it goes down

keeping things organized

Convenient Client Portal

To keep things organized and easily accessible, you’ll be set up with a secure online client portal where you’ll find your e-signed contracts and other documents plus your photo galleries. I’m all about hitting the easy button.

telling your love story


Yes, plural, engagement sessions. The run up to your wedding is an adventure by itself and I'm not about to leave out that part of your love story. Plus, it’s more photos to share at your wedding and on the ‘gram!

pics or it didn’t happen


You’ll wanna bookmark this part of your life. I mean, why wouldn’t you, right?? You two are starting a new family and, wow, that’s big! Once these days pass and are just a blur, you’ll have these photos to bring it all back into focus.

get our ducks in a row


Only a couple more weeks! Let’s run through the details so I have what I need to make sure it goes supa-dupa easy. Photos of who, when, where, & most importantly, any weird family dynamics. We've all got that one relative!

it’s. about. to. go. down.


all day

You won’t be watching the clock on your wedding day, and neither will I. I photograph your entire wedding day because the whole day is badass, not just 6-8 hours of it. There are people from all over showing up to connect with and support you. And connecting people is what photography does best. So from the first curler in the hair to the last slide (electric or cha-cha) of the after party, I’ll be there working for you.

we got nothin' but time

Post-wedding portrait sessions

Wedding days can be hectic & unpredictable causing portraits of you two to be rushed. After-sessions are rad because we can take our time and just photograph your love in this very moment. No schedules. No distractions. Wanna get wild & adventurous in your dress? DO IT! The cleaners can handle it and the back of your closet won’t care how it looks anyway. Besides, do you really think your daughter’s gonna wear it in 20 years?

the family jewels

deliver Wedding Albums, Prints, & Video

About 3 months after your wedding, you’ll be hanging photos, binge watching parts of your wedding you forgot even happened, and clearing a spot for your wedding album—one of the most important books your family will ever own. If you think it’s important today, think about how important it will be to your grandchildren as they discover who they inherited those incredible eyes from and how much hair grandpa used to have. #Legacy

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