working with you is going to be fun as hell, right?!


but what’s it like working with me?

Looking at your photos now or 10 years from now, I want you to be reminded in a breathtaking fashion of how seriously cool this chapter of your life is. To do that, I work hard to design your portrait outing so that it’s the perfect fit for your personality and your lifestyle—whatever your lifestyle is.


To make awe-inspiring photography for people to look back on, those people can be gay, straight, lesbian, trans, conservative, liberal, dog-lovers, cat-lovers, the weirdos that put pineapple on their pizza, and everything in between.

If hanging out with a photography nerd that talks a lot, loves good bourbon, good music, and loves working with people of all stripes is your jam, …we’re going to be fast friends!

High fives and Fist bumps

I booked my boudoir session and immediately called my best friend kinda hoping she’d talk me out of it. I’m so glad she didn’t because I felt so powerful and beautiful afterwards. From the first time we spoke until my photo box arrived, Daithan guided me every step of the way. He’s professional, knowledgeable, and a lot of fun! I’m actually looking forward to doing it again!

david & Alesha

Daithan took some fantastic photos of a date night for us. It wasn’t anything fancy – just a regular date night (we try to go out once every two weeks or so). We had three large prints made and hung in our master suite. It never really struck us to take photos that reflect more of our “everyday” love but we’re so glad he helped us realize the big importance of small sessions. In less than an hour, he made our little date night a really incredible experience. 10’s across the board.

charles & robin

Daithan photographed my surprise proposal to my girlfriend at Centennial Olympic Park. He was fantastic! He helped me plan the finer details and played the role of "random park photographer" perfectly to not give away the secret. We were simply blown away by the photos he took. Seeing the look on her face in person was awesome, but I love that I can look back on it whenever I want – we bought 3 large photos for our living room wall and 1 for our bedroom too.

Capri & Alycia

My best friend had boudoir photos done and finally persuaded me to go for it. A different friend referred me to Daithan. I was initially nervous to be photographed by a male photographer but he, his makeup artist, and his assistant made me feel SO comfortable and safe that my anxiety faded pretty fast. I’m so glad I finally allowed myself to do this. FYI, my pictures turned out way better than my friend’s did. She should’ve gone to Daithan. (But don’t tell her I said that).


Our engagement photos have become more special than I ever imagined they would. Lounging around our house in our pajamas doing the goofy things we do didn't seem special, but I love that he photographed who we truly are and the little moments we’ll truly want to remember and tell our children about one day. And that’s just one part of the many hours we spent with Daithan! We are so happy with our experience, our pictures, and our engagement album.

Anthony & Jasmine

I wanted to surprise my husband with a gift on the first night of our honeymoon. A friend suggested I do a boudoir shoot and give him a photo album of sexy photos. Mind you, I’m a size 18. I didn’t exactly feel like a supermodel. But because I wanted to give Andrew something he’d never expect, I gradually worked up the nerve to do it. It turned out to be exactly what I needed in more ways than one. I found Daithan through mutual friends. He helped me pick out clothes that flattered my body and helped me pose in ways that made my curves look so good! He told me that he wasn’t making me look good, that I had already done that. I didn’t know I needed to hear that, but I did. While trying to give a gift to my new husband, I ended up with a gift to myself. I have a newfound appreciation for everything that makes me beautiful.


You ready to get to work?

Whatever chapter of life you’re in, I can’t wait to work together to add vivid artwork to the pages of your story. If you’re still with me, then I think that means you’ve found the photographer you’re looking for.