Oooooh Girl… you are a freakin’


It’s that extra pop of your hips in those jeans that fit oh so right. The depth of your gaze when you’re flirting. Kicking off those killer pumps after crushing the most important meeting of your career. How you PR on your deadlift but keep a perfect gel manicure. What makes you so damn fine is all this scrappiness, sassiness, competitiveness, and sexiness rolled into a beautiful body of WOMANNESS. Since you’re like no other woman, that womanness is the perfect recipe of you. And I want to photograph you celebrating the shit out of that!


Some of the most magical photos I take are of women throwing two middle fingers way up to anybody else’s version of the woman they are or want to be. You are Gifted, Brave, Dynamic, Tough, Sexy, and a heck of a lot more but all on your own terms. I can’t wait to work with you to craft bold portraits of the one-of-a-kind woman you are.


You’re going to light the camera on 🔥 fire 🔥 and I am so here for it!


boudoir… It’s more than just skin deep

Lingerie, heels, and baring some naughty bits might be typical of boudoir style photos, but the reasons women choose to have a boudoir photography experience are anything but typical. Women enjoy intimate portrait sessions as ways to mark milestones—marriages, anniversaries, body transformations, and yup…divorces. Some women view as part of very important self-care, gifting themselves an album to periodically remind them that they’re as badass a chick as they thought they were.

give yourself the gift of Self-Love

Women feel crushing pressure to meet arbitrary & shifting beauty standards. I can't imagine walking a day in your shoes, but I’m just as done with it as you are and I’m solidly on your team. My #1 goal is to remind you that the only standard you need to meet is the one you set for yourself and to help you appreciate your body, your allure, and your sensuality for all that YOU make it.


Loving your womanness is loving how your body looks, moves, feels, and all your body’s power. Your session is you saying loud and clear, “F*ck your beauty standard!!”... and a picture, my dear, is worth a 1000 words!

let your alter ego come out & play

Saucy boudoir photographs are like postcards from a much needed adults-only vacation. Truth be told, what many women say they appreciate most about their boudoir getaway is that they get to enjoy a self-guided excursion on their wild side. For a few hours, you get to hang out with the other you—the playful and coy, but nevertheless shamelessly bold woman who doesn't get to come out and play all that often. It’s ‘you'-time…time you deserve for sensual exploration & appreciation of your beauty, your shape, your enchantment, and, yes, your sexuality.


Whether your photographs are a meant as a provocative & flirtatious gift or if you’re keeping all that sexy seductive good stuff for yourself, you’re doing yourself right by lovin' the hell out of your whole damn self and letting your freak flag fly!


Get ‘em, girl!

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