Hey There, I'm Daithan. I’m sappier than a maple tree on valentine's day & a sucker for a good love story.


here’s mine...

A church full of warm smiles and full hearts watched a beautiful woman look deep into my eyes and say, "I do". Everyone spent the rest of the day at Six Flags Over Georgia celebrating like silly kids on an epic sugar high! Our entire wedding day was abso-f*ckin-lutely amazing. Our photographers left us with the most incredibly real, spontaneous, & unposed pictures from the day that was the exclamation point to the end of our wedding season. 'These pictures...they’re just so very us', my wife says. I agree.


Listen— isn’t that 'something' the thing you’re most looking forward to feeling when you look back at the times of your life? How exciting is the thought of going through tattered boxes of photos and thumbing through well worn photo albums with your favorite little humans to show them (and remind yourself ) how truly you those photos are?


Photographing people truly and honestly connecting warms my soul and the best photos I’ll ever take of you are the ones I can’t pose you for. So let’s skip the awkward poses on railroad tracks or the heart-hands on the baby bump. Because when you look back on the times of your life, the best times from right now aren’t going to include posing for pictures or badly faking smiles, they’ll be the times you made memories.


Let’s go have a blast and make something awesome.


—Daithan Levar


The way I see things

What really matters

Down the road, what you’ll miss most about right now is who you were and how damn good it felt being with the people you adored, doing things that made you smile uncontrollably. A day on the river, camping & fireside smores, or the ice cream spot you were at the moment you knew they were the one— wherever your happy place is, that’s where we should take pictures.

Style Points

Photojournalistic, editorial, lifestyle, etc. I don’t take a one size fits all approach to photographing people. There’s a uniqueness to everyone and their circumstances that inform how I illustrate their story. I focus on evoking the right mood, honoring the context, and focusing on the intent of shoot. Shooting a big wedding differs from a small wedding. A mountain engagement shoot is different than a 10th anniversary date night. Bold or subtle —the only style I’m going for is yours.

DO You

I’ve met a lot of people running around with a camera in hand, and I can tell you that they’re all a little weird. Yup, even you and me. So whoever you are, be yourself. You’ll love your photos (and yourself) a lot more if you do. The best photos I can ever take of you will be you doing all the things that make you, well, you. However wild or zany your life might be, I can’t wait to find the perfect backdrop to photograph you living it.

Keepin’ it 💯

I’d love to work with everyone who my photographs leave an impression on but the truth is I’m not going to be for everybody.


What I’ve found over the years is that the way I view photography and its importance in close & enduring relationships is a perfect match for some and not so great a match for others. Since I only want to give you a rockin’ photography experience, I’d rather keep it real about who my style, vision, and process works best for.


If I’m not your cup of tea, that’s cool. No love lost! If you’re my dream client—what are you waiting for?! I’m eager to hear how I can add imagery to perfectly portray where you are in your life story.

The photos I take of you are meant to be enjoyed

Our phones don’t do our favorite photos justice. Holding a delicate photo in your hands is powerful and sentimental. The words written on the back whisk you back in time and anchor your heart there for a moment. Viewing the same photo on our phones just feels numb in comparison—almost lifeless. It’s like our phones have become the place our photos go to die. Which is why I’m a print based photographer. I want your photographs to whisk you back to your happy times in your happy places….no wi-fi required.

You might be thinking...

“will i get digital images?"

.Of course! I’m not living in the dark ages! Weddings or portraits,I know you want to post pictures for the world to see, so you’ll get all your favorite photos from your session sized perfectly for sharing and you’ll get full-sized digital versions of every printed photo you order.

“is a consultation really necessary?"

Absolutely. Trust me, meeting eachother only minutes before shooting would drastically take away from the experience I want you to have. We get the chance to find out what makes eachother tick and gives me valuable clues of how to present the most honest portraits of you in your photographs.

“What if I’m not photogenic?"

Here’s a little secret…everybody’s photogenic. It’s posing for pictures that trips people up. Don’t worry new homie! I’ll walk you through everything you need so you can forget there’s even a camera pointed at you and you can just be your not-at-all-awkard photogenic self.